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Thursday, May 29, 2008

The belated entry about my birthday

I know that it has been soooooo... long since my birthday but dad dad had been so busy with his work that he didnt have time to update my blog. It so happen that due to some work related thingy, he has to download the pictures from the digital camera then he realise the 2month plus old picture residing in the camera. So irresponsible right. thus dad dad decided to put up my pictures from my birthday celebration in a much delayed blog entry

we went to sentosa palawan beach for a getaway; mummy wanted a bit of the sand and dad dad just wanted to show off his not very flattering figure. I wanted to play in the sand and thus the whole family was there with a 1 kg bengawan solo cake which threatened to melt in the sun.

here I am in daddy car getting really excited about going swimming with the sharks...
look at my mischevous grin. and take a look at my b cake. Mummy knows i love winny the pooh but i forgot to tell her that I would prefer to play with them than eat them up.me and grandmom..look at her proud face when she celebrate her granddaughter birthday.

I had a hard time deciding how to pray for my wish... i think i should do it the Buddhist way.....
On a separate occasion, before aunt goes for delivery of baby cousin, we went out together for food at Suntec city. I was really tired with the walking... trust me with my growing feet, allt he shoes i am wearing is getting smaller and it hurt when i walk for long distances.

That is why it is so nice for me to have my kaka ("sis" in malay) to carry me when I am tired. Mummy is so worried that granny will not be able to cope with me and didi so she employed kaka to help granny. I love kaka as she is very nice to me and take good care of me and the house. even daddy says that the house is so much better with kaka around.
we went to sakae sushi and I was so intrigued by the conveyer belt thingy which send plates of delicious food to us. Daddy had alot of wine and he is all flushed. Mummy says she looks like a big red tomato.

so do i look more like daddy or mummy now?
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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

An update

things are pretty much settled nowadays. Mummy had gone back to work and I have been going to school every other day. Mummy was worried that i would be too bored at home and thus wants me to learn new skills and of course socialise with others more. It has been nice going to school. We get to play and have lots of fun, even though I would much love to terrorise didi. In fact daddy and mummy is so scared when I am near didi as they were worried that I would accidently crush him when I hugged him.
Dont worry mummy and daddy, i love didi so much and wouldnt bear to bully him...

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Run Here Run There

Wanted to blog earlier but I was too bz disturbing Mummy. hehee...Now Mummy is on maternity leave, as little bro is going to come out soon. Anyway, Daddy has changed/modified his name to be Veric. Aunt said tht she will call him 'ah lick' next time. Ah Lick, Ah Lick, Ah Lick. So cute hor?

Actually, my main purpose of blogging today is to intro my new cousin (actually, shld be 2nd cousin as her Daddy, Uncle Edwin is Daddy's cousin). I don't think they named her yet, but becos her Mummy is Thai, she is going to have a Thai name too! How cool, right?

This is how she looks like. Almost as cute as me, right?

*muack muack little cousin* Welcome into the family. :)

Always pretty Vernice.
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Monday, January 28, 2008

My Cheongsam
That day, Aunt brought back this very lovely red dress for me. Grandma said this is call Cheongsam, what a demure name.
Aunt said it's her boss, Aunt Jen who bought it for me. Nice, right? Aunt demand Mummy to let me wear this for Chinese New Year. Grandma said Chinese New Year is over a period of 15 days and all the Uncles, Aunties will give me ang pows! I hope they give me coins, so that I can feed my pig pig and octopus. Next time I'll ask Daddy to take a photo of my fat pig pig and octopus to post here.

Everyone has been telling me that didi will be born and joining our family soon. Now, he's inside Mummy's tummy. One more month to go! Grandma and Aunt are very naggy. They keep telling me that I must love and take care of didi. Of course I will. One more person for me to terrorize, I mean, to accompany me, of course I will love him. *muack muack to Varick didi*
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Saturday, December 15, 2007

yeah today daddy and mummy bring me to takashimaya for shopping. It is a wet day and the place is crawling with people and babies in strollers like me.  The princess had to take public transport with daddy and mummy as daddy said he havent taken public transport for a long long time.  But after getting out of orchard station, he started to regret his decision as it was so difficult to move from one place to another by foot especially singapore is so unfriendly to babies and families like us.  Mummy was also carrying didi in her tummy somemore.  Singaporeans are also so inconsiderate.  There was a gentleman who graciously gave up his seat on the crowded mrt to mummy ( no worries for me though, i got my seat on wheels :P)  A young punk actually went over to took the seat, totally obliviously of what had happen.  The gentleman glared at him and it was then he sheepishly realised what happen and thus got out of the seat.  What a idiot....
Anyway some more pictures of me again at the wisma atria fishtank...

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Astroboy and Supergirl
Long overdue post. Daddy came back on a lazy saturday afternoon and brought mummy and me for swimming. The weather was great and we were at this clubhouse where they have this sheltered baby pool. Daddy and Mummy were a bit oversized in the pool but it was nice for them as I am still quite afraid of the water.

I must say that I did manage to hone my skills for swimming and I think in a few years I should be able to rival joycelin tay...

After the tiring swimming session we were out for dinner and daddy and mummy brought me to this dark place who played really loud music. They told me that it was the arcade. I was so engrossed with the graphics and my eyes were glued to the big screen. Can we have one like that at home?

After that we saw this funny character. I like him becos of his funny hair. I think he is cute. Do you think so?
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Friday, August 03, 2007


My sleeping hours had been disrupted.

Mummy seems to sleep very early recently. I think she is tired carrying my didi/meimei around. But I seldom see her and daddy the whole day. And when they are back, I want to spend time playing with them.

And now I cant sleep, they want to sleep..

Sigh....Who wants to play with me?

Energetic Vernice
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