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Monday, September 19, 2005

The Carnivore and the Herbivore

I had this craving for meat....And poor Mummy who was a vegetarian had to start stuffing herself with meaty stuff. I had char siew pau and siew mai (all chinese tim sum). I even had a KFC banditto, which daddy drove down specially to get for me and mummy.

Auntie says that I am behaving like daddy... a carnivore at times. Well like daddy like child ;) Hm... all this writing about food is making me hungry. I am going to give Mummy a signal that it is time for my meals again.

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Just a side note, Daddy went out in the middle of the night to get food for Mummy and me. So sweet... I got a Fillet O Fish. My first bite at MacDonalds..Yum Yum!
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