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Baby Vernice's Blog

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Grandma will always let me wear a cap when we step out of the house. That day, she let me wear this:

Grandma said that it belongs to Daddy. That explained my shocked look in the pic. Anyway, Mummy said that I looks like Little Red Riding Hood, while Aunt Ting said tht Daddy looks like the Big Bad Wolf. I think they are right, cos sometimes, Daddy like to bite me. =\

Baby Vernice
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Friday, November 10, 2006

Babe in the House

The other day, I tried to look sexy by wearing this:
Not very sexy? See here:
Bareback wor. Even Mummy seldom wear something like this.
But Daddy say the cap makes me look like Haji....who is Haji?
-Narcisstic Pop Princess Vernice-

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Monday, November 06, 2006

Yesterday, Uncle Jing brought us out for lunch at this restaurant call Peony-Jade Restaurant near Liang Court. Not that I get to eat anything n Daddy was so mean to push my "Mercedes" under the table! His excuse is that I am sitting near the entrance of the kitchen door and they might accidentally spill food on me. I think Daddy just don't want me to see him eating greedily. hehee...

After lunch, on the way back, I got scared:

So, I shut my eyes. Basic instinct. What am I afraid of?

He was washing Daddy's car & it really seemed like he's spraying water on me! Apparently, they think I am silly, but I know Trafford is even more afraid, he will keep barking in the car
whenever the Uncle wash the car. Silly doggy. hehee... Speaking of Trafford, I love him! Don't believe?

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Cold

I am currently down with a cold. Mummy says that it is because my immune system is currenly running on its own and mummy's moo moo is not helping. She said I am a big girl now, so I have to deal with the pesky virus myself.

I don't like to be sick, with all the mucus stuff. yucky! And of course Daddy dont dare to kiss me because he was worried of spreading more virus to me.

Get well fast Vernice!!
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