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Sunday, December 25, 2005

New layout

I think I need a new layout. Daddy's web editing skills suck is lousy cannot make it sigh I am running out of words to describe it

Anyway I need a new blog layout something cute,something different and something special. Anyway daddy is the Ego One then as his daughter I am he Special One. Hee Hee!

Any kor kor and jie jie willing to help? *wink innocently

Baby Vernice

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Pick Up Line

Aunt Ting said that when I grow up and if next time a guy wants to chat me up, his pick up line will be "Hi I think u need a "y" for it makes you very nice.

So corny right??

Baby Ver(y)nice
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X mas

Yeh! This is my 1st christmas with daddy and mummy. It is kinda wierd for I don't really know what the occasion was all about. But daddy said that this is a time when people give and receive. Well talking about receiving, mummy received 2 pair of socks which are for me. They are so cute and pink in colour. Woo I love pink!

Mummy is really getting tired from all the lunging ( of me of course, I am getting heavier by the day). Mummy is really giving a lot of effort in carrying me and receiving a lot of backaches

Ha ha so that's is the spirit of X mas!

Merry holidays everyone

Well for me, everyday so far had been a holiday (*wink)

Baby Vernice (Claus)
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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Raindrops falling on my head

Sometimes I hear sounds of things dropping and I get startled by it. Mummy says that it is rain and rain is good, for it make the weather cool. Anyway I enjoyed snuggling in my little room inside mummy.

On a side note, Daddy is extremely stressed with his long overdued assignment. He said that it is like 6000 words long. Blah how can someone write so much?

Baby Vernice
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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


I seem to be running out of room as I am getting bigger! On a brighter note, we found Trafford and the first thing he did was to invade my little space by stepping on mummy tummy over-zealously.

Now that I press up against mama's tummy even more, I can hear mummy, daddy, and other voices talk about interesting things! Sometimes I love to be part of the conversation by kicking the tummy in approval. In that way, I am not left out of the conversation. You know how those adults love to ramble on without really bothering about others (especially daddy)

At first I thought there were some really smart babies like me arguing about various things. I wanted to e-mail them, instant message them, or (if they were clever like me) read their blogs! But then I found out that it was about a whole bunch of older babies wailing about things like money and tax breaks and maids and going on leave and national duty. Ah, phooey!

All I know is my mummy and daddy love each other very much. Mama is good at baking and that's how she got a "bun in the oven". I don't know what the connection between love and baking is but I know daddy and mummy love me very much. I also have a feeling that love and baking have more to do with each other than ovens and national duty.

Oh well, time for a nap...

Baby Vernice
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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Traffordless night... Sleepless night

Mommy & I were dreaming whole night that we were at the market looking for Trafford. Oh yah... just a secret, we also dreamt that Auntie Linda is just pregnant, and uncle Weijing also came with us to look for Trafford. Still couldn't find him in our Dream :(

Everyone is hopeful that we will be able to find him today. Let's pray that we won't get disappointed again.

I see how precious Trafford is to the whole family, and so will I.

Mommy told me just now, "Girl, you see that life is not a bed roses, and you've followed me to work in the hospital for 4 mths now, you know. When you're born, you have to choose your own path, create your own life (don't be so naughty like Trafford), but I want you to know that no matter what happens, you're precious to the family and the whole family will support you and be with you in whatever you go through, and I know that ultimately, you will find your own happiness."
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Friday, December 16, 2005

Trafford Less

It has been 3 days since we heard anything about Trafford. Daddy and Mummy are really upset and they were eager not to show it. Daddy and Mummy had a slight tiff this morning and then they received an anomymous phonecall to inform them that Trafford is wondering in the market area. Daddy drove down like 100 km/h and we reach Jurong from Toa Payoh in like 13 minutes.
Sad to say we still can't find him
Gramps and Granny are both very upset too but they were optimissitic that we will be able to find him. In fact the whole family will be down tomorrow to look for him.
I hope we can find him soon...
Lord if you are listening hard enough, please hear my prayers....

Baby Vernice prayed...
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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I miss Trafford!

Mommy carried me around to look for Trafford (BoyBoy) for a few hours. She's really tired, and upset. Mommy, don't be sad. I don't know why BoyBoy always want to run away, not that Mommy & Daddy treat him badly. I think he's just a naughty boy. I promised to be a good girl.

They always said something happen for a reason. Maybe this is fated. Maybe if we had gone ahead to ECP, something worse could have happen.

Sometimes I also wonder whether Mommy can cope with looking after BoyBoy and me after I'm born. Mommy would need to change me, feed me, and clean after BoyBoy, and then carry both me & BoyBoy to Grandma's place every morning before going to work.

Still, I missed BoyBoy. He last stepped(nearly) on me this morning in the car. I hope some kind-hearted man who found him will return him to us. If otherwise, I hope he is in good hands, and ...I still hope to get another dog, one that is as fun as Trafford.

Baby Vernice prayed..
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Missing Trafford

We didn't go to ECP today. Trafford was missing. Apparently he decided to go for a walk himself at Jurong West and up till now he is still not found.

Daddy and Mummy are very upset.

I think i better keep a low profile.

Baby Vernice
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Trip to East Coast Park

Daddy and mommy are bringing me to the East Coast Park. A little bit of suntan is good for me :)

Baby Vernice
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Sunday, December 11, 2005

About today

So many things happened today. I went over to Granny's place at Jurong West where we stayed there for the whole afternoon. It was so boring. Daddy was waiting for his computer to be repaired before we can go somewhere else. Sad to say, it didn't. Daddy is really disappointed.

Anyway we went to a couple of car showroom. Daddy was busy introducing some car to my uncle who is going to get one. I hated it when they didn't ask for my opinion. I like the Honda Stream so I decided to kick Mummy to tell her that that will be the car to get. I hope my opinion will be respected.

Mummy read to me tonight. She read "Harry Potter" to me. And I got some hand-me-down clothes. Sigh! I want new clothes!

Baby Vernice
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