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Sunday, July 29, 2007

The lazy weekend

I am getting good at recognising pictures and I have been asking mommy to read to me. I know mummy is not feeling really well recently with my little brother/sister coming but I have been demanding a lot of attention from them.

We were having some quality family time at home, mummy was reading to me and trafford was just snuggling beside me for some additional warmth.

Today caps anothe disappoitning day for me. we were supposed to go swimming. In fact we were there at 10 near bukit batok where we were visiting the CSC club swimming facilities. After breakfast we had no choice but to turn back as there was a huge downpour and i am not able to practise my swimming skills again. That really suck! I was sulking all the way back and mummy and daddy have to appease me.

Daddy had been really busy this week and he was hardly at home early. Daddy was out the whole morning for some school thingy and he came back so tired and we didnt get to go anywhere. He badbly need his sleep like me.

Let me go disturb mummy now.... :P


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Sunday, July 15, 2007


I realise that I really love to swim.

As promised, daddy and mummy brought me to her colleague's chalet at downtown east and we had a wonderful time at the wet and wild thingy which of course had plenty of water!

I am afraid that I didnt not have nay pictures as daddy and mummy were busy teaching me how to swim.
We went to the chalet and I was busy stuffing food. The best i had during the BBQ was the melted marshmellows. Yummy

I was so tired that i fell asleep in daddy car on the way back. I wish every weekend would be so fun.
Tired Vernice
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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The 100th post of good and bad news

Yeah, this is the 100th post of simply2bochup.blogspot.com. And I got bad news.

As usual, I was in my bubbly destructive self tearing things and entertaining myself when daddy and mummy returned and gave me a piece of bad news.

Seem that I will not be the only diva around soon *wink.

With more responsibilities come more maturity.

Guess I will have grow up fast and take on the responsibility of a jie jie

My only concern is how are the 5 of us (inclusive of trafford) fit into the queen size bed?

Baby Vernice
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