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Baby Vernice's Blog

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Encounter with a Third Kind

I finally get to see daddy! Well actually this is the first time that Daddy gets to see me. I am glad he sees me when I am a little bigger. I am almost 1.7cm long and Auntie Doctor says I am growing fine. Four little things are protruding from my body. Mummy says that these are known as limbs. That puzzled me further, what are those for? I am getting my regular fix of food and entertainment and the limbs seems to be a bit obsolete at this point of time. But Mummy says it will be of good use later. Shall wait and see.

Anyway Auntie Doctor says I have a good regular heartbeat and everything seems fine. Mummy and Daddy are so happy to hear that. I will get to see Auntie Doctor in a month's time. I like her. She is nice.
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