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Monday, September 12, 2005

Motion Sickness

Mummy and Daddy were out (with me of course) to visit a friend who had just given birth. Daddy was pretty excited about it and he was complimenting on the baby's nice skin. Mummy even commented that it was a great thing that the baby did not inherit any of the mother's features such as her big goldfish eyes and larger than life mouth. They were having this great laugh about it and I can feel the turbulences in mommy's tummy. How could daddy and mommy be so mean and criticise other people's babies? Anyway I believe that babies are the cutest things on earth and I will be a wonderful addition to my daddy's and mommy's lives.

Mommy threw out, seems like she has this motion sickness thingy since she had me. I feel bad about it and I promise to be a real good baby for the next 9 months. Take care mommy!
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