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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Name and Sex

Daddy and Mummy are having a conversation with my aunt on what name to give me. Daddy is pretty insistent that I will be a girl. He seems to be pretty desperate to have me as a girl (weird but grammatically correct). He has already thought of a name for me, and that was when daddy and mummy are still in the midst of their courtship... What a geek! Aunty say daddy is like Ross.. who is he anyway? But I feel that the name sounds like wonderful.

We were looking through the net and found a couple of names which sound really cool, well if I am a boy, Mummy wants to call me "Braden". I think she has this huge crush on Brad Pitt.

Granny also has her two cents worth and she proposed looking for a fortune teller to pick a name for me and I can guess daddy is pretty disgusted about it.. Come on he had a name already since like 7 years ago.

I hope I will be a girl so that Daddy can use his wonderfully crafted name for me.

By the way it is "Vernice"

Sound like an ancient 13th century shipping port though...
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