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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Truth about ME

Yeah I am officially 12 weeks old!

According to a reliable website daddy is reading, I should be about 60 to 65 millimeters long or about two and a half inches long, and roughly weighs about 14 grams. I have the ability to swallow and absorb and discharge fluids (via mummy's vomitting and peeing). Hands, now complete, are growing fingernails(which means I can start scratching mummy's tummy) . Even tooth buds are appearing (See me gnaw!!). My face now has a distinctly human appearance. Guess who will I look like more, Daddy or Mummy??

This is so exciting for me and my daddy and mummy...

Glob of Baby
The Ego One 2:28:00 PM



Okok, I'm very slow I know; took me so long to notice that you set up this blog...

But really--congrats!

Adorable and an excellent idea!
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