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Baby Vernice's Blog

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A formal Introduction

Hi everyone, let me now formally introduce myself. My name is Vernice. Daddy wanted this name for me as the name stand for "bringer of victory", it also mean "truth". Actually my name is a variant of the name "Verna" and "Bernice". Glad I didn't have to use the name "Braden" never mind maybe daddy will use it for my younger brother if any.

"黄颖慈" that will be my chinese name. The hanyu pinyin pronounciation is "Huang Ying Ci" The name according to daddy has a lot of meaning. The word 颖 means river, and 慈 means compassion. So my name is actually a river of compassion. Somebody who is kindhearted and loving, compassionate... I hope I will live up to daddy's expectations.

This is so exciting.....I think i will do a somersault in mummy's womb..

Baby Vernice
The Ego One 9:31:00 AM


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