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Sunday, December 11, 2005

About today

So many things happened today. I went over to Granny's place at Jurong West where we stayed there for the whole afternoon. It was so boring. Daddy was waiting for his computer to be repaired before we can go somewhere else. Sad to say, it didn't. Daddy is really disappointed.

Anyway we went to a couple of car showroom. Daddy was busy introducing some car to my uncle who is going to get one. I hated it when they didn't ask for my opinion. I like the Honda Stream so I decided to kick Mummy to tell her that that will be the car to get. I hope my opinion will be respected.

Mummy read to me tonight. She read "Harry Potter" to me. And I got some hand-me-down clothes. Sigh! I want new clothes!

Baby Vernice
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