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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I miss Trafford!

Mommy carried me around to look for Trafford (BoyBoy) for a few hours. She's really tired, and upset. Mommy, don't be sad. I don't know why BoyBoy always want to run away, not that Mommy & Daddy treat him badly. I think he's just a naughty boy. I promised to be a good girl.

They always said something happen for a reason. Maybe this is fated. Maybe if we had gone ahead to ECP, something worse could have happen.

Sometimes I also wonder whether Mommy can cope with looking after BoyBoy and me after I'm born. Mommy would need to change me, feed me, and clean after BoyBoy, and then carry both me & BoyBoy to Grandma's place every morning before going to work.

Still, I missed BoyBoy. He last stepped(nearly) on me this morning in the car. I hope some kind-hearted man who found him will return him to us. If otherwise, I hope he is in good hands, and ...I still hope to get another dog, one that is as fun as Trafford.

Baby Vernice prayed..
The Ego One 10:26:00 PM


Trafford is the family dog? Hope he returns soon.

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