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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


I seem to be running out of room as I am getting bigger! On a brighter note, we found Trafford and the first thing he did was to invade my little space by stepping on mummy tummy over-zealously.

Now that I press up against mama's tummy even more, I can hear mummy, daddy, and other voices talk about interesting things! Sometimes I love to be part of the conversation by kicking the tummy in approval. In that way, I am not left out of the conversation. You know how those adults love to ramble on without really bothering about others (especially daddy)

At first I thought there were some really smart babies like me arguing about various things. I wanted to e-mail them, instant message them, or (if they were clever like me) read their blogs! But then I found out that it was about a whole bunch of older babies wailing about things like money and tax breaks and maids and going on leave and national duty. Ah, phooey!

All I know is my mummy and daddy love each other very much. Mama is good at baking and that's how she got a "bun in the oven". I don't know what the connection between love and baking is but I know daddy and mummy love me very much. I also have a feeling that love and baking have more to do with each other than ovens and national duty.

Oh well, time for a nap...

Baby Vernice
The Ego One 11:08:00 AM


phew... good thing to know that Trafford has returned... does microchips help??

Trafford was not microchipped
We were very lucky to get him back.

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