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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Traffordless night... Sleepless night

Mommy & I were dreaming whole night that we were at the market looking for Trafford. Oh yah... just a secret, we also dreamt that Auntie Linda is just pregnant, and uncle Weijing also came with us to look for Trafford. Still couldn't find him in our Dream :(

Everyone is hopeful that we will be able to find him today. Let's pray that we won't get disappointed again.

I see how precious Trafford is to the whole family, and so will I.

Mommy told me just now, "Girl, you see that life is not a bed roses, and you've followed me to work in the hospital for 4 mths now, you know. When you're born, you have to choose your own path, create your own life (don't be so naughty like Trafford), but I want you to know that no matter what happens, you're precious to the family and the whole family will support you and be with you in whatever you go through, and I know that ultimately, you will find your own happiness."
The Ego One 5:34:00 AM


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