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Sunday, December 25, 2005

X mas

Yeh! This is my 1st christmas with daddy and mummy. It is kinda wierd for I don't really know what the occasion was all about. But daddy said that this is a time when people give and receive. Well talking about receiving, mummy received 2 pair of socks which are for me. They are so cute and pink in colour. Woo I love pink!

Mummy is really getting tired from all the lunging ( of me of course, I am getting heavier by the day). Mummy is really giving a lot of effort in carrying me and receiving a lot of backaches

Ha ha so that's is the spirit of X mas!

Merry holidays everyone

Well for me, everyday so far had been a holiday (*wink)

Baby Vernice (Claus)
The Ego One 2:43:00 AM


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