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Baby Vernice's Blog

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Of Cows, dogs and birds

People asked me (actually daddy) why he put the moo moo cows as my blog template when it was quite sure that I would be born in the year of the Dog. So it should be more doggie rather than piggies. But then again daddy always have a wierd sense of stuff, so it is unsurprising he might mistook a cow for a dog... :P

On a brighter note, Mummy can really feel the vibes now that I play the tummy bongo more forcefully. Granny gave mummy something called bird nest ( actually it is for me), it as to protect her nest when she is tryig to "hatch" me. Cool huh??

Got to sleep now, it seems like the only thing I do now.....

"V" girl
The Ego One 4:02:00 PM


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