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Baby Vernice's Blog

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A good night sleep

Daddy was extremely tired today, he complained that me and mummy are making too much snoring noise. It seems that as i get bigger, i need more air and mummy sleep had been affected as a result of this. Poor Daddy, you should see him grabbing the pillow and sleeping on the couch. Haha, Mummy and myslef got the bed all for ourselves.

On a separate note, I am getting a bit bored in this claustrophobic nest. I cant wait to get out. Mummy said that in a week time, I would be fully formed, which mean that I may come up anytime. Hm .... which date should I choose?

An one very exiciting thing, daddy got me a cyber dog... Yeah, you can see him in my blog. I call him "Rover". Please ply with him as he loves attention. However do try to refrain from feeding him too much. I think I over fed him with cyber biscuit.. Tsk Tsk..

Baby Vernice
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