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Sunday, May 28, 2006

My 1st Month Celebration

I am one month old... time flies when you are making poopy!

We celebrated this milestone by inviting all the grand-aunties and uncles of the family for a buffet dinner. We had quite a spread, grandpa happily sponsored a buffet to treat everyone. We had gado-gado, seafood fried rice, chicken drumlets, catfish, and granny's curry. All that was quite meaningless to me, but my milk did have an exotic taste to it.

Maybe something in the food made me happy. Maybe my outfit made me feel good. Maybe it was because the visitors adored me. But I felt so happy today that I smiled, gurgled, coodle and farted.... after everyone left. In fact I was asleep almost the whole entire celebration. I decided to leave the entertaining to my daddy and mummy. Heh-heh!

Happy One month old to me!!

Baby Vernice
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