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Baby Vernice's Blog

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Being Vernice

On good days, when my parents are daring and adventurous enough, they would try to bring me out for a walk in town or to socialise with other babies. most of the time, the adults would gushed at the cuties ( including me of course) and they would be so busy commenting on our features, whether we look more like daddy or mummy. In fact daddy did comment that it seems like the parents enjoyed the attention rather than me.

Although I like the compliments, I do not appreciate interrupting my beauty sleep especially in the afternoon. When I turn grouchy, I do behave ike a diva; sometimes I made my protest felt by crying at the top of my voice. Sometimes, I would kick and punch like a karate expert. Ask daddy if it hurts.. :P

Ya don't mess with me... :P

Baby "Karate" Vernice
The Ego One 6:28:00 PM


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