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Friday, July 14, 2006

Back to NUH

This morning I was woken at the unearthly hour at 7.00 when Mummy and Daddy were busy getting ready to go out. Being the lazy bum, I literaly lie on the bed and waited for daddy to change me. I was surprised for usually daddy would not be around during the morning for he got work but it seems like daddy got leave ( they called it "papa leave") to bring me for my monthly checkup.

we made a detour to granny's home where daddy and mummy enjoyed a simple breakfast. The car ride to the hospital was ok and I was busy looking at things that seems to fly past me. Daddy and Mummy seems so amused by that.

the checkup was a bliss it is just the injection which is a pain. Actually it is "injections" and it is "pain"s on both thighs. And as the needle pricked me, I am showing my frustrations by crying aloud.

Daddy and Mummy was also eager to show me to daddy's ex-colleagues and we made a detour there on the way back. I was of course the centre of attraction as daddy's friends started showering attention and affection. because they were daddy's good friends,i decided to give daddy "face" by staying awake and of course cooing and smiling at the adults' antics of trying to amuse me. They said I am daddy's girl and I am proud to say I am not. Actually I am daddy's princess *wink wink.
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Hi Wei Kwang, Loo Ching and Baby Vernice!

Congrats for the entry of your beautiful girl, and your promotion to parenthood.


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