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Baby Vernice's Blog

Monday, July 03, 2006

Socialising Vernice

Boy am I tired today. This is like the first time that daddy and mummy bring me out two days in a row. Sometimes I dont't understand adults especially daddy and mummy, they seem so eager to bring me out at times. Take for example saturday, mummy got all the jie jies, aunties, uncles and kor kors from her workplace for a BBQ. Not that I don't like the BBQ, but I dont get to eat anything at all! Besides it eats into my precious sleep and moo moo time.

Call me lazy or anything, but sometimes I just dont like to socialise. And even if I am fast asleep or hrowing my tantrums because I got not enough moo-moo, the adults still find this endearing. Sigh. Adults are just so easy to please.
The Ego One 12:05:00 AM


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