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Baby Vernice's Blog

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Twist and Shout

It is now officially unsafe to leave me lying on the bed unattended, as mummy and daddy learnt. As I had acquired the skill to turn ie with me buttock facing the sky.

Daddy and Mummy were so impressed with me and as for me, I would love to do just the flip when they are around looking, just to show off ( ie a trait of daddy dearest)

However even though I am able to do the flip, I am still unable to flip back and there were times that I would just cry for help for mummy or daddy to turn me over... But old habits die hard and I would be performing my antics again.

Nevertheless, with the pushups I am doing to get me self back to my original position... I think I am fast developing biceps... even though it was apparent to daddy that his precious (ie me) is developing thighs that can match michellin man. I think he is freaking out on that... haha!
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