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Baby Vernice's Blog

Monday, August 28, 2006

Busy Busy Busy

I have not updated for eons.
It is really that i am busy growing up and feeding that I find myself having so much time. Daddy is the one who is busy and mummy is also equally busy too. But I am glad they made an effort to try to spend time with me during the weekend. In fact daddy is always bringing me to the CD shops because he realised that like him, I love music. In fact my favourite is now Andrea Bocelli ( daddy says he is a blind singer) Amore. I am always very fascinated when he put it in the cd player and I am always staring at the black things on the stand.(Daddy says they are speakers) In fact I will always be "drooling" with anticipation on the counch. Haha

Let me be a camera whore and show you my favourite picture.

This picture was taken yesterday. I was wearing my favourite doggy hat when daddy decided to be inventive and make it look like a scarf or a ski hat. I look like a rapper huh? yoo yoo... like him

Ok enough of all this.. me got to go for my afternoon nap already.

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