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Baby Vernice's Blog

Thursday, August 17, 2006

An update

Life has been pretty routine for me. Every morning Mummy would bring me and Trafford over to Granny place where I will usually spend the whole day there. In the evening Daddy and Mummy will come over and pick us up again. Time spent are really short and I really look forward to those days when Mummy don't need to work.
On a brighter note, I am learning to sit up now. In fact I prefer to sit up and look around rather than lying down. Daddy would love to put me sitting on his tummy and he will play the "choo-choo train" with me. His expressions never fail to crack me up!
Daddy and Mummy had been complaining that I am abit on the stubborn side, especially when I don't get things done in my way. Recently Daddy tried a small experiment to test my patience and he relented after I cried non stop for almost 5 minutes. Man , he is so feeble. But I think it is because I am her precious daughter and he couldn't bear with that.
Finally uncle tang ming came to fix up daddy computer and he will soon be posting up my videos. I cant wait! Remember to keep this site in your bookmark!

Baby Vernice.
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