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Friday, October 20, 2006

Big Girl Now!

Aloha! It's TGIF and in another one and a half weeks, it will be Halloween. It will be my first Halloween, but too bad, Auntie says I am too young to go out there and play "Trick or Treat". Then again, outside looks so gloomy. Grandma says it's called "Haze". Quite a cool name for an uncool situation. Grandma also said that it's because our neighbour country had burnt down the forest, that's why it's gloomy. Geez, I thought adults always tell us not to play with fire, but they can?
Anyway, while stuck at hme, Grandma decided to get me potty trained. Here's a picture taken by Auntie who just got her new camera and loves to use me as her model. It's ok, I am photogenic.
Supermodel of the year.
Growing-up really fast Baby Vernice

The Ego One 10:47:00 AM


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