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Monday, November 06, 2006

Yesterday, Uncle Jing brought us out for lunch at this restaurant call Peony-Jade Restaurant near Liang Court. Not that I get to eat anything n Daddy was so mean to push my "Mercedes" under the table! His excuse is that I am sitting near the entrance of the kitchen door and they might accidentally spill food on me. I think Daddy just don't want me to see him eating greedily. hehee...

After lunch, on the way back, I got scared:

So, I shut my eyes. Basic instinct. What am I afraid of?

He was washing Daddy's car & it really seemed like he's spraying water on me! Apparently, they think I am silly, but I know Trafford is even more afraid, he will keep barking in the car
whenever the Uncle wash the car. Silly doggy. hehee... Speaking of Trafford, I love him! Don't believe?

The Ego One 10:15:00 AM


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