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Saturday, December 15, 2007

yeah today daddy and mummy bring me to takashimaya for shopping. It is a wet day and the place is crawling with people and babies in strollers like me.  The princess had to take public transport with daddy and mummy as daddy said he havent taken public transport for a long long time.  But after getting out of orchard station, he started to regret his decision as it was so difficult to move from one place to another by foot especially singapore is so unfriendly to babies and families like us.  Mummy was also carrying didi in her tummy somemore.  Singaporeans are also so inconsiderate.  There was a gentleman who graciously gave up his seat on the crowded mrt to mummy ( no worries for me though, i got my seat on wheels :P)  A young punk actually went over to took the seat, totally obliviously of what had happen.  The gentleman glared at him and it was then he sheepishly realised what happen and thus got out of the seat.  What a idiot....
Anyway some more pictures of me again at the wisma atria fishtank...

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