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Monday, January 28, 2008

My Cheongsam
That day, Aunt brought back this very lovely red dress for me. Grandma said this is call Cheongsam, what a demure name.
Aunt said it's her boss, Aunt Jen who bought it for me. Nice, right? Aunt demand Mummy to let me wear this for Chinese New Year. Grandma said Chinese New Year is over a period of 15 days and all the Uncles, Aunties will give me ang pows! I hope they give me coins, so that I can feed my pig pig and octopus. Next time I'll ask Daddy to take a photo of my fat pig pig and octopus to post here.

Everyone has been telling me that didi will be born and joining our family soon. Now, he's inside Mummy's tummy. One more month to go! Grandma and Aunt are very naggy. They keep telling me that I must love and take care of didi. Of course I will. One more person for me to terrorize, I mean, to accompany me, of course I will love him. *muack muack to Varick didi*
The Ego One 1:21:00 PM


i love this photo of her in her lovely cheongsam. Great smile!

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