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Baby Vernice's Blog

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Run Here Run There

Wanted to blog earlier but I was too bz disturbing Mummy. hehee...Now Mummy is on maternity leave, as little bro is going to come out soon. Anyway, Daddy has changed/modified his name to be Veric. Aunt said tht she will call him 'ah lick' next time. Ah Lick, Ah Lick, Ah Lick. So cute hor?

Actually, my main purpose of blogging today is to intro my new cousin (actually, shld be 2nd cousin as her Daddy, Uncle Edwin is Daddy's cousin). I don't think they named her yet, but becos her Mummy is Thai, she is going to have a Thai name too! How cool, right?

This is how she looks like. Almost as cute as me, right?

*muack muack little cousin* Welcome into the family. :)

Always pretty Vernice.
The Ego One 11:09:00 AM


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